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The Stovall family has been serving eastern NC since the 1950s. Dr. O.R. Stovall, Jr. (“Papa Doc”) originally began practicing in Greenville, NC until he eventually settled in Goldsboro, NC. Papa Doc gained his dental inspiration from his father who was a dental technician.

Though Papa Doc has retired his legacy, his love for dentistry continues through his daughter who now practices in Charlotte, as well as his son and granddaughter who practice together in Goldsboro, NC. The Stovall family looks forward to providing and maintaining excellent oral health for those in Goldsboro and the surrounding areas.


Dr. Orlando R. Stovall, III

Dr. Stovall comes from a family of dentists: his father, “ Papa Doc” (retired), a sister, Dr. Sandy Stovall with a practice in Charlotte, NC and his daughter, Dr. Jonelle Stovall who is presently in practice with him…

Dr. Jonelle Stovall

Dr. Jonelle Stovall received her B.S. degree in computer science from Duke University. While at Duke, Dr. Jonelle spent her time implementing science and technology within …